About Delmont Madison

Delmont Madison is a former professional athlete who traveled the world within the Foreign International Basketball Association. He credits much of what he learned from his 11 years as an athlete for helping him to be successful in trucking transportation.  

After retiring from basketball and having jobs in sales and education, Delmont decided to embark on a career in trucking because he viewed it as a profitable exit strategy from basketball.

Delmont Madison - Intrigue Services Worldwide

Much to his dismay, many former professional athletes such as himself did not have and were not encouraged to think about, a transition plan from being a sports professional to life afterward. 

After years of hard work, commitment, and personal sacrifice, Delmont became a master trucker who moved from company driver to independent driver to an owner operator with authority.

Today, he is an entrepreneur who is the proud owner of his own trucking business, Intrigue Services Worldwide.  He is dedicated to teaching others how to do the same and avoid the mistakes he made along the way.
Delmont also earned his master’s degree in education and has served as a community outreach advocate, mentor, and intervention specialist in support of his passion for youth and the underprivileged.

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What Are We Building?

Intrigue is building a more transparent industry-wide network that reveals exponentially more opportunities for network coordination. When shippers, carriers, brokers, and other partners coordinate across the Intrigue platform, over $100 Billion in efficiencies can be identified in this $1 Trillion industry.

Play a key, visible, and valued part in fundamentally transforming the transportation industry.

We’re a trusting, transparent, and collaborative team. We welcome everyone to contribute, empower each other, and foster an environment where the best ideas and execution win.

You can work anywhere and any time. You’ll have the space, trust, and time you need to promote balance and do your best work.

We believe everyone can do their best work when they feel that they belong, and everyone benefits from broad inclusion of background and perspective. At Intrigue we prioritize diversity and inclusion in all its forms — we empower every member of our team to be yourself, bring your best ideas, and leverage your unique talents to solve big problems.

We are a rapidly growing team, and we’re just getting started. Be part of our growth and know that we’re deeply committed to yours as we continue to scale our impact.

Sustainability Matters

According to Convoy, 30% of the trucks on the road drive empty. Intrigue Services is focused on ensuring better coordination between all transportation participants to increase efficiency and profit for all. Intrigue Services Worldwide achieves this througth route planning and strategy which directly reduces carbon emissions making for a cleaner climate.

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